ADK1X - Adirondack Extra Shelf Bracket / Corbel

ADK1X - Adirondack Extra Shelf Bracket / Corbel

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This listing is for a quantity of one (1) bracket. All screw holes ARE BEVELED (contrary to photo).

The Adirondack "Extra" bracket in extra wide 1.5" dimension...hand forged corbels and brackets. HAND MADE USING 100% U.S.A. STEEL!!

The Adirondack Extra bracket adds a super strong and stylish, minimalist, industrial touch to any decor! 50% Wider than our standard Adirondack bracket, this design is a simple and true blacksmith-made bracket. Great for kitchen open shelving, as counter or bar top corbel or enhancing your existing furniture. Use them under cabinets or to add support to table legs, or to accentuate practically any other right-angle in your home! It is amazing what forged steel brackets can do to beautify and strengthen pre-existing furniture, cabinetry, door casings and architectural elements, or use them in your next shelving design idea.

Shelf Bracket Description: 

All-steel construction. Also spot welded to provide additional strength. Available in 4", 6”, 8", 10” or 12" shelf-depths. Wall-mount lengths (listed below) vary in proportion to the shelf-depths. Bracket frames are made from 1/4" x 1.5" flat stock and arcs from 1/4" x 1" flat stock. 1/4" screw hole diameter. All screw holes ARE BEVELED (contrary to photo) unless you prefer them not to be. Unbeveled screw hole bracket requests are not returnable.

Shelf Bracket Specifications (brackets are A-symmetrical):

4" bracket is ideal for 4.5-7" shelf depth, with a 5" wall mount length
6” bracket is ideal for 7-9” shelf depths, with 7.5” wall mount length
8” bracket is ideal for 9-11” shelf depths, with 9.75” wall mount length
10” bracket is ideal for 11-13” shelf depths, with 12” wall mount length
12" bracket is ideal for 13-15" shelf depths, with 14.5" wall mount length
*All brackets can be flipped to use the short side as the wall mount.

Load capability for a pair of these brackets is modestly set at 125+ lbs. Your screws and mounting surface will ultimately determine what you can support! These brackets can be flipped to mount the short side against the wall and support a wider/deeper shelf.

Gusseted brackets are far superior in strength than simple "L, J, C & Z" brackets.

Shelf Bracket Finishes:

Item is built and prepped to our specs prior to receiving a paint finish…cleaned with alcohol and wrapped in paper. They are not “sealed”, however.
Items selected for “paint-ready” may have some meal discoloration in varying shades of grays, blues and browns (rust staining). None are guaranteed nor unlikely. Rust stain is not rusting metal however, if left unprotected, they can and will soon show signs of rust in humid locations.
Re-prep prior to painting by wiping entire surface with a light rag or T-shirt, lightly damped with isopropyl alcohol. Paint once dry.

Flat Black...
is an opaque paint finish that provides a soft and even appearance. This finish is highly durable. Can be used as an interior or exterior finish. 

Satin Black...
is an opaque paint finish that highlights the evidence of the hand-forged process. This finish is highly durable. Can be used as an interior or exterior finish.

Gloss Black...
is an opaque paint finish that highlights the evidence of the hand-forged process. This finish is highly durable, adding a bit of shine. Can be used as an interior or exterior finish.

Minor measurement differences can be expected as each are made by hand, one at a time. Hammer and anvil marks may be evident and are common effects of the process. Unseen surfaces may have evidence of welding but this won't hamper the use or strength of the piece.

For a better description of our brackets visit our product description page at

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