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Real, American-made, hand-forged ironwork born in the Adirondacks

Traditional yet modern. Rustic but elegant. Subtle while dramatic. Hand forged and hammered metal products are all of that... and much more!

We began with a rustic style born of life in the Adirondack Mountains, but soon found that our products were right at home in even the most elegant environs, lending a touch of strength to the most sophisticated living space. Whether your style is modern, rustic, industrial, traditional, or simply your own unique combination, you will find that Adirondack Blacksmith's functional ironwork simply transforms your space into something special.

Our shelf brackets, are relegated to a "supporting role" - no pun intended - background pieces, if you will, but we believe that beauty is in the details. Every blow of the hammer is calculated, every finish applied with an artistic hand and it all lends itself to strong but humble styling. Our craftsmen and women, while committed to traditional methods, have elevated blacksmithing to true artistic beauty.