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Our tiny business has grown rapidly since our start in November 2014, and we are constantly reinvigorated by our customer's enthusiastic response. We began with just the seed of an idea, Barry's metal-working skills and a minuscule (only 96 square feet) shop. Having quit our jobs the previous August, the pressure was on. Dedication (working outside in below-zero winter temperatures) and perseverance (waiting patiently for business to pick up while our savings dwindled) have paid off.
   In July 2015 we increased our available shop space to 400 square feet, Amber was the business's first part-time employee, and our sales showed no signs of slowing. In 2017, we moved to Vermont, just across the New York border. Our shop space grew to 1300+ square feet but then, during the summer of 2018, a fire brought our entire business to the ground and to a grinding halt. We turned it around however, and built a fantastic barn with 2000 square feet of shop space and another 1000 square feet in a second story to be built into office and photo studio space.
   This husband-and-wife team are living their lifelong entrepreneurial dreams, and look forward to many years of rewarding (yet challenging) business growth and creative development.
   We are committed to making things in such a way that recalls an era of quality manufacturing and prosperity in America. Timeless design combined with sturdy construction.
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